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Pet Minding In Bath Home

16 Abingdon Gardens
Bath, BA2 2UY

Daily Flat Rate Fee (for 2 visits per day)

Monday to Friday - 16.00 each day
Saturday and Sunday - 19.00 each day

Bank Holidays - 5 Per Day + Normal Weekend rate

 Customer to provide own pet food. 

Fee Rate for 1 visit per day

Monday to Friday - 13.00 each day
Saturday and Sunday - 16.00 each day

Bank Holidays - 5.00 Per Day + Normal Weekend rate

Customer to provide own pet food.

Please note: It is our policy never to leave an animal in distress.  If an animal in our care is ill, we will arrange a visit to a vet and additional charges will be made.  We will make every effort to contact you through your emergency contact number before this, but we reserve the right to arrange emergency care without your consent if necessary.



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Dog Walking

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